The Priori Podcast Episode 28 – The End!

Straight outta CreanaBeverly says a final goodbye to Charlie….


Welcome to the final chapter of Priori! Alas, we must bid you farewell…


As Beverly says goodbye to Charlie and ushers in the new age for the Protectors, we say goodbye to the wonderful Priori cast…


On the final chat for the Priori Podcast Emily, Lois, Kevin, Sam, Colin and David TIOAAHAP discuss all the feels the final chapter brings up for them, their favourite part of the Priori Podcast journey, where to from here, and in the final Kraken Good Reads (unless we are offered thousands in sponsorship money to continue!) the Kraken requests time travel assistance.


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How You Can Keep In Touch With The Priori Cast


If you’d like to keep in touch or follow the cast members of the Priori with their future endeavours, you can find all the links below to the projects and websites they talked about on this final podcast:



Email: emily (at) madelinecain (dot) com

Twitter: @themadelinecain


Projects: Story City, an app that allows you to do real-life choose your adventures through cities, isavailable free to download and play from your favourite app store. You can find out which cities have stories at And keep an eye out in the future for Emily’s newest YA Fantasy novel, Jack. Sign up to the Original Fantasy newsletter in the sidebar on the right to keep in touch about her latest projects.



Twitter: @voiceover_au


Projects: Kevin (and sometimes Colin) have several YouTube gaming projects called Now Playing – a condensed version of live gaming videos focusing on what Kevin loves in the story of each game. In the next couple of months they’ll be tackling the Mass Effect Trilogy and drive their choices using user/audience polls! So be a part of the experience! Also to look forward to is Kevin’s latest project, and the mysterious Liminal Project as part of Kevin’s Tavern of Voices collective.



Twitter: @govenorfrog

Projects: David has a fun new project where he podcasts the reading of pulpy sci-fi stories with a writing mate before dissecting them in much the same way as we’ve done here at Priori! David writes some cracking stories too. You can find Fictional Tales of Scientific Adventure here.



Twitter: @the_realsammyp

Projects: Keep an eye on Sam’s twitter for the launch of his new project which live streams games on YouTube, however it’s not a repeat of what you’ve seen before, he’s planning to take the ‘medium’ in a different direction with some of your favourite Priori podcast members added into the mix…



Twitter: @colinwsmith

Projects: Colin is a regular cast member as part of the QLD Shakespeare Ensemble. If you’re interested in getting Colin in to work on a project of yours (as an actor or voiceover talent) you can find him and his agent at Col’s next big project is the QLD Theatre production, An Octoroon, an Australian Indigenous rejig of a play from the US which will be out in 2017.



Twitter: @incognitiously


Projects: Lois is involved in a plethora of projects including Liminal with Kevin and finishing her Doctoral Research. You can keep track of all her awesomeness on her website.


Cast Roles


Narrator: Kevin Powe


Charlie: Colin Smith



Episode 28


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