The Priori Podcast Episode 25

PRIORI PODCAST ICON V2As Beverly explores the fabric between worlds and earth tremor heralds the arrival of a person she never thought she’d see again…


Welcome to Chapter 20 of Priori!


Beverly’s nightmare has finally reached a conclusion with her and Charlie meeting a fiery end. Then the earth tremors start. While Elitree tries to keep Beverly occupied by teaching her how to become invisible by moving through the fabric between worlds, and unexpected visitor arrives at the town fountain…


On the chat this week Emily, Lois, Colin, Kevin and Sam discuss earthquake safety messages, tearing at the fabric of reality, the pink bits of stories, the favourite things they’ve consumed lately, and the Kraken advertises for a house mate via Craig’s List in Kraken Good Reads.


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Cast Roles


Narrator: Kevin Powe

Arabella: Jackie Fraser

Beverly: Emily Craven

Elitree: Kevin Powe

Elliott: Kevin Powe

Leo: Kevin Powe

Episode 25


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