The Priori Podcast Episode 23

Straight outta CreanaWith thousands of tonnes of rock on top of Beverly and her team mates, will they survive being buried alive?


Welcome to Chapter 18 of Priori!


Unconscious and alone, Beverly gets drawn into a vision of the future where the Circle of Magick meet for one of the gravest meetings since they were driven under the sea eighteen years ago. The Kraken has released his weapon, hundreds on the surface are dead, and the new Priori has made it’s way back to Beverly, making her more dangerous and desirable than ever…


On the chat this week Emily, Lois, and Sam discuss why Emily is such an a-hole to her characters, Kevin’s birthday and the cast members favourite things about Kevin, the Kraken’s creepy birthday message to Kevin in Kraken Good Reads, and we catch everyone up on what the three of us have been wasting our time on since the new year.


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Below, are some links mentioned in the podcast:


Cast Roles


Narrator: Kevin Powe

Arabella: Jackie Fraser

Beverly: Emily Craven

Cain: Colin Smith

Calib: Colin Smith

Charlie: Colin Smith

Cypress: Sam Piaggio


Elitree: Kevin Powe

Enchanter Carter: Colin Smith

Eternal Empress: Emily Craven

Man 2: Sam Piaggio

Man 3: Colin Smith


Episode 23


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