The Priori Podcast Episode 22

PRIORI PODCAST ICON V2My last memory was of screams as thousands of tons of rock descended from the roof…


Welcome to Chapter 17 of Priori!


Everything in Creana seems normal, Beverly and her classmates explore the magical city of Gnarran and the Circle of Magic spy department, and discuss their chances of winning the next Dragonet Hunt. But danger lurks around the corner, and no safe haven is truly safe…


On the chat this week Emily, Kevin, Lois, Colin, Sam and David TAIAHAP (The Awesome Intern And His Alaequine Pupples) discuss the sucker-punch delivered by this episode, giant talking sea snails, the Kraken’s desire to chase you in Kraken Good Reads, and recommend their favourite podcasts that are not this one.


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Below, are some links to the awesome podcasts the Priori Cast recommend:


Cast Roles


Narrator: Kevin Powe

Beverly: Emily Craven

Charlie: Colin Smith

Cypress: Sam Piaggio

Dragonet Hunter: Colin Smith

Adept Fidleton: Lois Spangler

Kara: Lois Spangler

Knix (Alaequine): Sam Piaggio

Kyrrin: Emily Craven

Operator: Lois Spangler

Satinay: Lois Spangler

She-Snail: Emily Craven

Shima: Lois Spangler

Tameeka: Emily Craven


Episode 22


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