The Priori Podcast Episode 21

PRIORI PODCAST ICON V2A daring rescue? Or an unexpected capture?


Welcome to Chapter 16 of Priori!


Will Enchanter Tameeka be able to save a young boy from the Rhule and their new and improved Sholac experiments?


On the chat this week Emily, Kevin, Lois, Colin and David TAIAHAP (The Awesome Intern And His Alaequine Pupples) finish their 12 Days of Christmas spectacle 6 weeks late, Sam provides a brilliant Christmas themed Kraken Good Reads, and Kevin takes the time to dedicate this podcast to a dead friend, recently departed, Karen Fainges. Thank you for being such an influence in Kevin’s life and all those you touched.


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Below, Sam’s Priori Christmas lyrics for Kraken Good Reads can be found in full:


‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the Rhule

The Sholac were testing,

Painful and cruel.

In Creana they huddle

Under the sea.

Hoping this peace Continues to be.


The children were hidden

Away in the dark.

With visions of torture

Recent and stark.

But they have escaped

The Kraken’s first trap.

So it seems like time

To have a recap.


Charle and Bev

Had fled in the night

But then quickly failed

To stay out of sight.

Power was called,

Death was its answer

They escaped the grasp

Of the dire necromancer


Satinay was confident

She had a great plan.

Well part of one.

The escape didn’t scan

With Cypress in tow

They knew were to look

And straight to Beverly

A bee line they took


They meet up with Elliot

Such a trustworthy fellow.

Now to find nails

And whales that bellow.

The riddle is solved,

Creana’s right there.

Though Elliot’s missing

Which gives them a scare


But no time for that

There’s learning to do!

Books and classes

And amulets too.

Mythical creatures,

New friends, new foes.

A pair of mad sphinxes

With sharp, stoney toes. E

xciting tournaments,

Alaequines soaring.

Charle is wistful,

But at least it’s not boring


So are they now safe?

Can they now rest?

Oh my dear reader

Surely you jest?

The Kraken is waiting

For just the right time.

He’s patience and cunning,

His plans quite sublime.

As his knowledge expands

Beyond mortal ken.

It’s not a question of if,

It’s a question of when.

Cast Roles


Narrator: Kevin Powe

Eoin: Colin Smith

Mother: Lois Spangler

Soldier: Sam Piaggio

Tameeka: Emily Craven

Wood Cutter:  Colin Smith


Episode 21


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