The Priori Podcast Episode 20

PRIORI PODCAST ICON V2In a secret room guarded by shadows, rests a black velvet book…


Welcome to Chapter 15 of Priori!


Have you been hanging out for the origin story? Well here it is. In this episode Beverly comes face to face with the mysterious Shadows of Brethren and  learns how the Kraken got his deadly powers…


On the chat this week Emily, Kevin, Lois, Colin and David TAIAHAP (The Awesome Intern And His Alaequine Pupples) discuss how ideas and stories join together for writers, Emily’s time at Genrecon, Kraken Good Reads delves into the bizzare world of translated app descriptions, and the Priori cast (very belatedly – sorry!) get into the Christmas Spirit with a 12 days of Christmas Question bonanza (Days 12-7).


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Links mentioned in the podcast can be found below:

Cast Roles


Narrator: Kevin Powe

Beverly: Emily Craven

The Brethern:  Colin Smith


Episode 20


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