‘Priori’ Podcast

Welcome to the ‘Priori’ Podcast!

This podcast is a full-cast audio of the fantasy novel ‘Priori’ written by myself, Emily Craven, the author of The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain Series.

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About Priori

Hunted by the Kraken, the sinister leader of the Ruhle Empire, Beverly Jordan must control her powers, known only as the ‘Priori, to survive. Believing her powers dirty, fit only for destruction and ruin, Beverly and her brother Charlie set off on a journey to find the fabled safe-haven of Creana, an underwater world where one can learn to split the fabric of time and manipulate the Lines of Power, where winged Alaequines soar through the air and the Shadows hide, waiting for someone to release them. Will Beverly escape the grasping clutches of the Kraken? Or is she destined to become his weapon?


‘Priori’ is a fantasy manuscript I worked on for 12 months with my mentor, Australian fantasy Writer, Isobelle Carmody. Many of the entries in this blog are about the lessons I learnt from Isobelle during our mentorship. You can find out more about the blog here, or learn some great fantasy writing tips at in the blog posts here.


About The Podcast

‘Priori – The Podcast’ is a full-cast audio of the fantasy novel ‘Priori’ written by Emily Craven. The podcast is produced by Emily Craven and Kevin Powe and contains the voice over talents of Emily, Kevin, Sam Piaggio, Colin Smith and Lois Spangler. Intro and Outro music is thanks to composer Christopher Healey. Each weekly episode contains a chapter of ‘Priori’ as well as a gag reel and chat with the cast.

You can find out more about the cast here, or listen to episodes here.

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