The Priori Podcast Episode 12

Creana may be another world, but the inhabitants are just affected by the Kraken & Ruhle Army as the surface dwellers…   Welcome to the final half of Chapter 9 of ‘Priori’!   In this episode Beverly meet the mysterious Summer Rain, learns Adept Fidleton’s tragic history and meets her larger than life room-mate Kara Datal. It would be the perfect imperfect haven if… Read more →

The Priori Podcast Episode 11

Welcome to Creana, where magical split personalities are normal, and scheduled (and unannounced) flash storms occur at regular intervals…   Welcome to the first half of Chapter 9 of ‘Priori’!   In this episode Beverly begins to explore this strange new world, encountering local inhabitants like Mad Marble and viewing rather dubious advertisements for magickal goods and services in the town… Read more →