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The Priori Podcast Episode 27

Beverly finds herself in the place of her worst nightmare, in the hands of the Kraken….   Welcome to Chapter 22 of Priori! Our penultimate episode!   The worst has happened, Beverly has found herself trapped, strangled by lines and in the same room as him. Will Beverly and her friends be able to stop the Kraken from getting his hearts desire? Will they… Read more →

Endings – How To Wrap Up Your Novel With A Surprising Bow

Barely a second later came the muffled sound of footsteps. My sword was in my hand before Charlie even heard a noise. Not again, I thought, taking a wide fighting stance. There must be hundreds of them searching for us. ~ Priori This is a good chapter ending. Suspenseful and exciting. ~ Isobelle Carmody   Endings are harder than you think. Or… Read more →

You Don’t Have To Accept Every Edit, You Can Disagree & Ignore… With A Valid Reason

If you ask any professional writer what the hardest thing is about the writing process, what is most discouraging, what kicks you in the stomach harder than a donkey flipping out on bad mushrooms, they will tell you it’s the day you get your edits back from your editor. Or the day you get feedback from you mentor, or beta… Read more →

Notes On World Building – Making Your Make Believe Feel REAL in Five Quick & Dirty Steps

There is a myth in fantasy and sci-fi that in order to world build properly you need to create your own personal set of encyclopedias so large they would flatten an elephant if you dropped them out of a plane. It’s the unspoken rule that at least 60% of this encyclopedia needs to appear in your epic ten volume series.… Read more →

What The Writer Knows, The Reader Must Know – The Importance of Beta Readers

Sometimes I wish I could download my favourite authors’ brains. Imagine all the extra things they’d know about my favourite stories, my favourite characters. Imagine suddenly understanding all the subplots and undercurrents I had missed because I’d been too thick. It’s one of the reasons why I became a writer in the first place, because I know everything about my… Read more →

If You’re Not A Poet, You Should Know It… And Move On!

Chances are as a voracious reader of fantasy you may have come across an elvish song or poem, or a saying/prophecy of epic-doom in the novels you’ve read. It’s kind of a trope and Tolkien is probably to blame, or more to the point Tolkien’s editors who let’s face it, let the man shove his world building down the throat… Read more →

Show Don’t Tell – It’s Funnier That Way

If you’ve attended a writing course you will no doubt be familiar with the whole show-don’t-tell diatribe. But what you may not know, is that the show-don’t-tell thing isn’t as obvious as you first think. For those of you who are not familiar with this notion, consider the difference between telling your friends a story about something funny that happened… Read more →

Avoiding Repetition

In one of my previous posts I talked, in passing, about repetition being the Devil. This piece of advice bears repeating (Pun-high-five!). And capitalisation. Repetition Is The Devil It does not wear Prada, but it does like flame bombing thesauruses. Writers should have it on T-shirts, badges, paintings, and written in icing on top of cupcakes. In the heat of… Read more →