Month: May 2014

You Don’t Have To Accept Every Edit, You Can Disagree & Ignore… With A Valid Reason

If you ask any professional writer what the hardest thing is about the writing process, what is most discouraging, what kicks you in the stomach harder than a donkey flipping out on bad mushrooms, they will tell you it’s the day you get your edits back from your editor. Or the day you get feedback from you mentor, or beta… Read more →

Notes On World Building – Making Your Make Believe Feel REAL in Five Quick & Dirty Steps

There is a myth in fantasy and sci-fi that in order to world build properly you need to create your own personal set of encyclopedias so large they would flatten an elephant if you dropped them out of a plane. It’s the unspoken rule that at least 60% of this encyclopedia needs to appear in your epic ten volume series.… Read more →