The Priori Podcast Episode 27

Beverly finds herself in the place of her worst nightmare, in the hands of the Kraken….   Welcome to Chapter 22 of Priori! Our penultimate episode!   The worst has happened, Beverly has found herself trapped, strangled by lines and in the same room as him. Will Beverly and her friends be able to stop the Kraken from getting his hearts desire? Will they… Read more →

The Priori Podcast Episode 25

As Beverly explores the fabric between worlds and earth tremor heralds the arrival of a person she never thought she’d see again…   Welcome to Chapter 20 of Priori!   Beverly’s nightmare has finally reached a conclusion with her and Charlie meeting a fiery end. Then the earth tremors start. While Elitree tries to keep Beverly occupied by teaching her how to… Read more →

The Priori Podcast Episode 19

Will Creana fall to its knees as the dome cracks?   Welcome to Chapter 14 of Priori!   In this episode Beverly struggles with reoccurring nightmares, Dragonet dodging and the prankster, Syrrah, as well as her inability to control her emotions. An incident at the Dryad’s tree is, frankly, inevitable…   On the chat this week Emily, Kevin, Lois, Sam and David… Read more →