Sharp Edge – A Review

It has taken a while to decide what I would like to do with Original Fantasy since the completion of the Priori Podcast and my posts on writing better taken from my mentorship with Isobelle Carmody back in 2012. While I still haven’t completely decided what my next project is going to be, I do want to throw in the… Read more →

Original Fantasy the Writer’s Guide is Here!

So you’ve finished your genre novel and it is Frankenstein’s monster. Don’t Panic! The whole reason this Original Fantasy blog exists is because I originally wanted to share my mentorship with the amazing, award-winning, Isobelle Carmody, with all you awesome genre writers out there to help tame your own beasts. Some of you signed up to the newsletter, others got… Read more →

The Priori Podcast Episode 25

As Beverly explores the fabric between worlds and earth tremor heralds the arrival of a person she never thought she’d see again…   Welcome to Chapter 20 of Priori!   Beverly’s nightmare has finally reached a conclusion with her and Charlie meeting a fiery end. Then the earth tremors start. While Elitree tries to keep Beverly occupied by teaching her how to… Read more →

The Priori Podcast Episode 24

Beverly must confront her deepest fears… Can she be the leader everyone believes she is, or will she fall to the corruption of power just like the Kraken?   Welcome to Chapter 19 of Priori!   When Adept Fidleton begins to teach the class the Omega Enchantment, Beverly realises she is the first Enchanter Mage, the strongest enchanters of all,… Read more →

The Priori Podcast Episode 22

My last memory was of screams as thousands of tons of rock descended from the roof…   Welcome to Chapter 17 of Priori!   Everything in Creana seems normal, Beverly and her classmates explore the magical city of Gnarran and the Circle of Magic spy department, and discuss their chances of winning the next Dragonet Hunt. But danger lurks around the… Read more →